Campsites, lodges, hotels and accommodation on our trips

endoro edge of the forest
Edge of the forest, Endoro Lodge, Tanzania
endoro room
Endoro Lodge, double room, Tanzania
endor cycles
Endoro Lodge ...... cycles, Tanzania
endoro recycles
Endoro Lodge ...... recycles, Tanzania
serengeti camp
Serengeti campsite
dining at camp
Dining hall, Serengeti campsite
Rhino verandah view
Rhino Lodge, Ngorongoro verandah view
Rhino Lodge guests
Rhino Lodge Ngorongoro - playful guests
Rhino room
Rhino Lodge double room, Ngorongoro
Rhino Lodge dining
Rhino Lodge dining, Ngorongoro
Ahadi Lodge
Ahadi Lodge and pool, Arusha, Tanzania
Ahadi room
Ahadi Lodge double room, Arusha, Tanzania
Kili tents Shira
Mountain tent, Shira Plateau, Kili, Tanzania

Mountain tent, Barafu campsite, Kili, Tanzania
Bush camping Olanganaiyo
Bush camping, Olanganaiyo, Kenya
Single tent Olanganaiyo
Single, Olanganaiyo, Kenya
Mara tent
Masai Mara camp, twin tent, Kenya
Mara dining
Dining area, Masai Mara camp, Kenya
Flamingo Hotel
Flamingo Hotel, Nakuru, Kenya
Flamingo bedroom
Flamingo Hotel double room, Nakuru, Kenya
Flamingo Hotel garden
Flamingo Hotel gardens, Nakuru, Kenya
Lake Naivasha resort room
Lake Naivasha resort twin room, Kenya
Lake Naivasha resort
Lake Naivasha resort gardens, Kenya
Lake Naivasha resort pool
Lake Naivasha resort pool, Kenya
Homestay house
Home-stay (optional), Elementaita, Kenya
Homestay house 2
Home-stay (optional), Elementaita, Kenya
Rock house view
Rock House, Karen, Nairobi
Rock House twin room
Rock House, twin room, Nairobi
Rock House pool
Rock House pool, Nairobi
Rock House bar and dining
Rock House dining room, Nairobi
MRL rooms
Mt Kenya hotel cabins, near Nanyuki
MRL bedroom
Double room Mt Kenya hotel cabins

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